Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Week in Ministry (02/24/13)

It's that time of the week again! A lot has happened since I last wrote a post about the ministry, so let's see what's been happening in the ministry in the last week(s)...

1. I started volunteering as an English teacher in a Latino Presbyterian church near my house. They were looking for a new teacher to teach intermediary English. I went  to the church just to observe one Tuesday night, but the pastor, who at the time was teaching the class,  told me "Oh it's so good that you are here! I have a hospital emergency and I need to leave. Here is the material, can you teach the class tonight?". And that's how it started.

2. One of the youth who we used to serve in San Francisco is now living one block from where I live! I've had the pleasure of visiting him and his new born baby a couple of times. It has been such a great blessing!

3. Our relationship with the immigrant community in East Oakland keeps growing! We keep planning some hang out time with them, and many of them are improvised, Latino style! A couple of weeks ago, for example, one of them taught me and one team member how to make hand made tortillas. I'm still learning how to make them, as this seemingly simple skill is no simple at all. But the taste, oh my, once you go hand made you can't go back!

4. The choir keeps growing! We have 3 new volunteers and finally one girl to balance all of our testosterone filled voices! It's not all shine and candy in this musical land, as many times I feel inadequate directing the choir. Please pray for me.

Me looking weird with one of the new choir members
5. I've been feeling the need to go back to my Latino roots more than ever. I'm also desiring to connect with the poor by simplifying my life. They cut one more day from my job, and I want to use the opportunity to readjust my budget and live more simply. This means not getting all of my food from the grocery store, for example, but getting it donated by volunteering for food giveaways for example.

That's it for this week! See you next!


  1. God bless you in your ministry. Praying for you.

    Best wishes.