Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nintendo DS survives almost certain death.

At my new home, the bathroom has a window that leads to a nasty, 3 floor fall. I had made the bad habit of taking my Nintendo DS lite to the bathroom. Sometimes I put it by the window, as its shelves seems deceivingly appropriate.
The view from the bathroom window.

One night, I forgot that I had left my DS by the window, and by accident, I knocked it down! In seconds that felt like minutes I heard a "barababaaang!" that signaled that my poor, old and trusty DS had crashed against the cement. "Oh no" that's all I said. It was dark, so I couldn't see the end result. It's probably broken in pieces I thought. I went downstairs to pick it up, hoping to save the game that was inside (FIFA 10 if you are wondering) and to my surprise, the DS was still in one piece! The shell was open, standing normally as if on a shelve. And when I tried it, it worked perfectly! Even more, a small glitch that turned off the screen if the DS was held in a certain position seems to be almost gone! Of course, the DS didn't come out unharmed from its brief clash with death. There are several cracks on the device that I will show you with pictures. This definitely goes to show the quality hardware that Nintendo does.

The DS works perfectly!
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