Monday, January 14, 2013

Stop Eating out!

To put it plainly, I have been eating out too much.

This is no healthy for my stomach and wallet, and so it is time to make a change.

Given how one of my New Year's resolution is to achieve my ideal weight, and how I committed to a life of Simplicity, well there is no way that I can continue eating out as I do now.

Food that you usually get in restaurants is less healthy, more addicting, and more expensive. I have found that I'm beginning to be highly addictive to certain kinds of foods, and trying to get into a healthy, balanced diet has proven more difficult now than before.

I can't go back to the way it was before, and I'm beginning to be afraid that it will.

And so, it is time to cut off eating out, cold turkey.

But how does a person, who loves cooking, spend so much time eating out? This is super weird.

Thing is, I hate cooking for myself. I find it such chore.

I absolutely love cooking for somebody else, and it fills me with a lot of joy and excitement, but the fact that you spend up to an hour cooking a meal that you, and only you, will enjoy for just 15 minutes seems like a waste of time.

But I have no alternative. Today I make the commitment to not eat out for a whole month.

The only exception for this is if I'm going out with somebody else to grab a meal.

It takes a month to form a habit, and so I want to create the habit of cooking for myself.

Who knows, maybe by the end of the month I'll discover that I actually enjoy cooking for myself.

I would love for that to happen.

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  1. Actually cooking can be quite fun. Especially if you experiment with the recipes.

    God bless.

    1. Agreed. I just have to find enjoyment with cooking for myself.

      Thanks for your visit!