Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Year's Resolution August Update!

It hasn't been a good month when it comes to my resolutions.

I didn't lose any weight.

My room is a mess.

My blog has been neglected.

Okay, I'm done. Bye.

Actually, let's dig a little bit deeper into this.

Resolution #1: Achieve my ideal weight.

My nutrition sucks, to put it bluntly. I've been less careful with what I eat. It is almost as if I do worse when a resolution is made. It is as if my body rebels against my mental desires to eat healthy and simple.

If you recall, my last post was about eating healthier and simpler. While I did this a couple of times, I haven't been consistent.

Why is this the case? Why am I like this? If I try to not be distracted I am usually more distracted. If I try not to think of food then my mind is occupied by thoughts of food. Maybe it is better not to make resolutions at all.

But I believe the problem is not in the making or not of resolutions. It goes deeper than that. Call it the good ol' Pauline dilemma as expressed in Romans 7 (For what I want to do I do not do...). Call it our fallen nature. I do not know.

It is a place in my being in great need of the healing grace of God.

Resolution #2: Keep my room clean, year long.

Am I ready to call this a resounding failure? Not quite. Let this resolution suffer a long, miserable and agonizing death!

Not to sound too negative but I feel I've been less attentive in my room cleanliness than I have in the past. You would think that making a resolution, along with monthly updates in this blog, would make a positive difference in the overall cleanliness of my room.

It hasn't. Ditto to what I said in resolution #1.

Resolution #3: Update my blog regularly, minimum once a week.

Okay, okay, last month I made an apparent mental Freudian slip, since I erroneously wrote "once a month" instead of once a week.

If my initial resolution was "once a month", then I wouldn't be eating this hearty crow.

But in being fair, this is one resolution that has actually impacted positively my behavior. I have updated my blog rather consistently, despite my occasional slips into the mud of inconsistency.

That is it for this month. I will see you next month!


  1. Try again all three resolutions. But this time, every time you do one of the things you resolved to do (eat a little less, clean the room) do it as a gift for Christ. Now that's an insentive isn't it?

    God bless.

    1. That is a great incentive.


      Jose D. Pinell.

  2. Daniel,
    You are being so human!!! I cannot tell you how many people are in the same "routine rut" as you for eating and messiness habits. (Well at least you can relate with Nettie's messy habits) It took me 50+ years to come to terms with the benefits of healthier eating ... (and still I slip and am on my 3rd beer for the evening.) And housecleaning has never been my forte'. Still, our heart and minds tell us that this would be so much better for us, and it is. So, my friend, it is one step forward and two back occasionally. Keep the resolve! God helps us in so many ways. Let Him guide you and give you the strength to make it work ,,, and the strength to fall and pick yourself up and continue forward. Hugs.

    1. Thanks for the supportive words!

      It is true, many times it feels like one step forward and two backwards, but I'm glad I'm taking the resolve because it has helped me to find ways and solutions out of my messy and unhealthy habits.

      I know myself better as a result, which is always a good thing.