Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Operation Room Clean Up

When I introduced the recent blog changes, I made a brief mention of how my room would be like my little kingdom, and how I deal with it should reflect my personality and growth.

Well, how is my room since I moved in two months ago?

Let's just say that if my room were my little kingdom, and the things living in it my subordinates, I would have probably been found dead already, murdered for my disorderly tyranny, and a new king would have been put in my place.

I actually thought about posting pictures of it, but showing one's private room to the wide world web seems like a really unwise idea.

Plus, I'm embarrassed to show it to you.

Books and clothes (most of it) have a place to live. I still have too much crap. I'm currently in the long process of getting rid of some of my stuff.

This is a great exercise, getting rid of one's stuff, for it forces one to question one's attachment to personal belongings. What do I really need? Do I really need that much clothes? Wait, I actually like that shirt.

But my room being small, and my belongings many, and my commitment to Simplicity already made in InnerCHANGE, well my belongings kinda lose in this equation.

And so, I want to make a new commitment this week. The aptly named commitment will be "Operation Room Clean Up". Pretty clear huh?

I make the commitment to clean my room and be done with the unpacking by next week. I think is time *sighs*.

I don't promise to show you pictures of it. I will try to be as honest as I can with the progress though.

Do you struggle with this same problem of keeping your room clean? If so, what advice can you offer in keeping it clean?

See you next week!

Photo Credit: Siena College.

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