Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Nature of the Ministry

Sometimes it is not easy. Sometimes this ministry has a way of surprising you, in good and bad ways. Sometimes I ask myself, what have I got myself into?

I have a sense of this question this past Thursday. We had a fancy dinner/party that we were invited to. The invitations could not be obtained in time and we couldn't attend. I realized this, of course, only after I had dressed up for the event.

Oh well, this party was to be replaced by going to a karaoke place. Fun! But this too was canceled. The reasons for this are unfortunate.

Someone who has been coming to our group for quite some time, and who is not a gang member but knows a few of them, decided to stay drinking that night instead of coming with us. He got jumped by gang members and we had to pick him up.

This is sad because this young guy is really trying to change his life, and even made some great progress, but alcohol is his weakness.

The outing was canceled, and everyone called it a night.

Did I mention that a little more than a month ago some guys who we minister to took the van used for the ministry one night without permission , joy rid on it, and screwed up the suspension?

Oh yes, this ministry has its way of surprising you, by constantly throwing at you the unexpected. And we are just along for the ride...

Photo Credit: John Holden on Flickr.


  1. Wow, I cannot imagine what it is like to work in ministry of this nature. God bless you and the people you work with and for!

  2. One thing is for sure, it is never boring!